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by Monica Balani

Having spent 9+ years working as a paralegal for a leading practitioner of Family Law, I noticed a blaring gap in the suite of services available to trailing spouses contemplating separation. A victim of an acrimonious divorce myself, I wish I knew back then what I know now. My practice is crafted around that very ethos: empowering women through knowledge, providing insights on what to expect and how best to prepare, circumventing unpleasant situations and, in essence, enabling informed decisions.

If you are in a difficult situation with your partner and seeking a legal recourse, come speak to me first. I am not a lawyer and unable to impart legal advice. I am someone who understands the pain and suffering of legal separation only too well. Believe me when I tell you it is traumatic enough without having to grapple with other pressing issues such as Jurisdiction, Child Custody, Maintenance and Division of Assets all on your own. If you get the lawyer selection wrong or opt for an uncapped fee structure, you could be putting yourself at a disadvantage right from the outset. Think of a session with me as Divorce Orientation, albeit based on your circumstances. 

Over the years, I have worked on a number of high profile cases with culturally diverse considerations and have pretty much seen it all.


Initial Assessment

In order to be able to help you, I need to familiarize myself with your situation. Consider this an interview wherein the questions posed will provide a detailed account of your case, facilitating guidance. 


A detailed analysis of your predicament, answers to your questions and an introduction to a legal professional, where deemed fitting and if requested.


Should you require someone to continually update you on the finer rudiments of your evolving strategy, discuss your options and explain event ramifications to you, (as presented by your lawyer), my services can be contracted for the duration of your case.

Meritably: Legal consultant to support with divorce proceedings, child custody and division of asset


I was introduced to Monica via Expat Lah, the Facebook group. I recently ran into some very unexpected legal troubles in Singapore and Monica was the ray of light in my life who helped me take the right legal action and stopped the matter from going to court. I would highly recommend Monica for her integrity, compassion and legal expertise, and if you are experiencing any type of legal issues, please do contact her.


Book an appointment

When would you like to have your consultation? Please give two options, and I'll get back to you on my availability.


Kindly note that my consultations run between 60-90 minutes.

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Choose a time

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